Mt Ruapehu Covered In Snow
Picture of me

Jack Patrick

About Me:

My Family

I live with my Mum and Dad, as well as my two younger brothers - George and Eli. George is the second youngest as he is twelve years old, and Eli is the youngest, he is seven. One of my families favourite things to do together is go skiing as a family or watching a movie together.

Image of me and my family

My Favourite Sport

My favourite sport is skiing. I started skiing when I was 11 years old, Me and my family first went up with my best friend Sam and his family. Since then we have gone skiing at mt ruapehu almost every second weekend; whenever there is snow on the mountain. My favourite type of skiing is freestyle skiing, Me and Sam love learning lots of new and interesting tricks to do on jumps every time we go up.

Image of me skiing

My Hobbies

When it's not winter I like mountain biking in the weekends with lots of my friends, we usually all meet up in Tawa then bike somewhere for lunch before going biking on the tracks at Colonial Knob. My other hobby is gaming I usually play video games online with my friends during the week after school. My favourite games at the moment are Steep and Fortnite.

Image of a mountain bike